Storytelling Workshop

  • Storytelling for Business

    How do you ask people to care about your business? What are some way to grab their attention, make yourself understood, and put it together in a way that makes sense?

    Susan Jacob & Pete Ernsky, GEMA co-presidents, will teach a "Storytelling for Business" workshop. Learn how to see stories all around you and work on shaping your own stories. A great article to read on why this is so important for every aspect of business can be found from Entrepreneur magazine last year.

    In order to gauge interest and figure out how large a room we'll need, please signup using this form so we can reserve an appropriately sized space. We hope to see you on March 24th at the Hartford GBLC or April 1st in Stamford.

    This event is open to all UConn students, staff, and faculty, but we'd like to gauge where the interest is coming from.
  • All students should list their program here, such as FT MBA, PT MBA, MS BAPM, etc. Faculty and Staff can list those designations.
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