MBA Media & Entertainment Conference 2016


UCONN GEMA Club attended the Media and Entertainment conference organized by New York University Stern School of Business at their Kimmel Center on 8th April 2016.

It was a wonderful and enriching experience. Got a chance to interact with people from the entertainment industry and learnt about the current issues, challenges and the future of the industry. Thanks for McKinsey & Company to provide the Global industry overview. With mobile devices becoming the principal digital platform, its not surprising to see all entertainment content providers trying to adapt to the changes in technology.

Ben Sherwood, Co Chair of Disney Media network was the keynote speaker and gave an insight into the entertainment business. It was interesting to know about his prediction of “Virtual Reality” gears such as Oculus to be the front runner of the next generation of entertainment delivery platform. 3D real feel movie using head gear is going to be the next big thing in the media and entertainment industry. He also reveled the new Disney princess “Elena” coming soon to the theaters. A much awaited quest for a Latina princess would finally be over.

Mark Shapiro, CCO of WME|IMG, in his final keynote speech emphasized the importance of data analytics and consumer insight, and the way it will change media business’ to  select content to deliver to a specific audience.

Other delegates from Google, Bloomberg, NY Times, NBC, CBS, LinkedIn & Movie-pass created a rich and interactive environment at the conference. NYU thanked the UCONN School of business which was led by the GEMA President Susan Jacob for bringing the largest group of MBA students and making the event even more lively.

-by Sumit Kumar

GEMA @MBAMEC. Left to right: Back: Ketan Gupta, Sumit Kumar, Ravi Apundi, Adam Ragusa, Jamel Catoe. Front Row: Matt McGuire, Tracy Miranda, Susan Jacob, Guanwei Tao, Chen Chen, Youngeun Park